Tests for dandruff and dry scalp

Daxxin Shampoo Original is proven effective!

The results below are answers from the survey where the test subjects were asked how they think Daxxin Shampoo Original compared to their usual dandruff shampoo.

The result:

Conducting the functional test:

A functional test has been carried out on the product formulation for Daxxin through a so-called blind test during March/April 2011 where those involved in the test did not know which product they were testing. The test was conducted over a 14-day period with 120 people (55% men and 45% women) who had problems with dandruff and irritated scalp. Daxxin was compared with the product the test subject normally used.

The test was conducted by NORSTAT Sverige AB, which is the largest data collector in the Nordic region.


The graphs on the following two pages,show different properties considered important/less important for the consumer when choosing dandruff shampoo. These are summarised below.

What matters:
– that my dandruff problems are solved (92%)
– that I get good hair quality (78%)
– that my scalp problems disappear (91%)
– that the hair smells good (80%)
– that I can use it every day (76%)
– that the shampoo is easy to apply (78%)
– that the shampoo is easy to rinse out (83%)
– that the shampoo does not cause allergic reactions (95%)
– that the product is documented and tested (81%)

On all these parameters above, Daxxín is effective.

(Source NORSTAT/Forberg Research April 2011)

– that it is a well-known brand (48%)
– that the packaging design is neutral (45%)
– that it is low price per pack (important/unimportant
– 50/50%)
– that there is a low price per ml (not important/neither or – 80%)

None of Daxxín’s properties conflict with these parameters.

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