About Daxxin

About the company

Daxxin AB is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that develops, produces, sells and markets modern hygiene products for hair care, body care and skin care.

Daxxin is affiliated with the Swedish Cosmetics, Toiletries and Detergents Association (KoHF), which means that we as a member company undertake to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding regulations for the industry in Sweden as well as in Europe. KoHF, in turn, is a member of A.I.S.A., which is the European Association of Interests in the Industry.

Product safety

Daxxin’s products are registered with the Swedish Medical Products Agency, LMV and European CPNP. Daxxin is the PI holder. Daxxin’s products are safe for their users due to using only approved raw materials of the highest quality in their product formulations. The fragrance consists of mild substances suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Daxxin’s products are sold exclusively through all of Sweden’s pharmacies and through a number of dermatology clinics in Sweden. The reason for this is that our consumers have skin or hair problems, so we recommend turning to specialists to get competent and necessary advice. This advice can be obtained in pharmacies where there are competent staff such as pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and at dermatology clinics with specialists such as dermatologists and dermatology nurses. They can often diagnose the problem through a personal consultation and thus can give qualified advice.

Daxxin AB works closely with the private dermatologists’ association, the public sector dermatologists’ association SSDV as well as the public sector community nurses’ association DVSS and the school nurses’ association.

Distribution is via Tamro, Oriola and Apopharm and can be purchased at any pharmacy in Sweden. Several skin clinics sell and recommend Daxxín. Daxxín’s products are distributed to pharmacies via Tamro AB, Oriola AB and ApoPharm Distribution AB, which are leading players specialising in the distribution of medicinal and self-care products for the highest possible product safety, handling efficiency and speed.