Dandruff and scalp problems

Almost everyone gets dandruff

The skin on the scalp is constantly renewed, meaning that the outermost layer of skin comes off and you may experience itching. Dandruff and irritated scalp are common problems with symptoms such as itching as well as small white scales in the hair and on clothes. Now Daxxin Shampoo & Conditioner and Daxxin Psoriasis can help relieve these problems!

Dandruff is dead skin cells that have been shed from the outermost layer of skin on the scalp.
There are two types of dandruff:
1. Dry, fine and loose dandruff 
2. Greasy and coarse dandruff.

Dry dandruff is usually the result of washing your hair too frequently. The skin on the scalp is constantly renewed by shedding the outermost ‘dry’ skin cells. Dehydrated scalp repels dead skin cells. This is called dry dandruff!

The scalp may become dehydrated due to external influences. Dry environments, both indoors and outdoors, can dry out hair. The hair can be damaged when using heat tools, such as a hair dryer. As well as when using hair care products such as mousse and gel. Even wearing a hat, cap and helmet affects the hair and scalp.

Greasy dandruff occurs due to improper or poor hair hygiene. Sebum is a natural oil produced by our sebaceous glands to protect the scalp. Bacteria and fungi (the microflora of the skin) are a natural part of the scalp. These bacteria and fungi (Melassezia furfur) consume sebum and form residues. These can irritate the scalp. Where there is an imbalance, you can have an excess of these residues. New skin cells on the scalp then grow extra quickly, at the same time as shed dead skin cells increase. This is called greasy dandruff!

Dry and greasy dandruff as well as irritated scalp are treated most easily and effectively with Daxxin Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

There are two different categories of dandruff products – medical over-the-counter dandruff products with an active ingredient and cosmetic non-toxic dandruff products with an active ingredient.

Medical over-the-counter dandruff products with an active ingredient can work, but often with troublesome side effects such as dry brittle hair, discolourations and bad odours. The condition of the hair becomes poor, the customer becomes dissatisfied and then returns to their usual shampoo. Often the dandruff problem returns after a while and renewed treatment may be needed.

Cosmetic non-prescription dandruff products with an active ingredient sometimes work but sometimes not at all or not well enough and the customer becomes dissatisfied as the dandruff problem is often not remedied and instead quickly recurs.

Daxxin, on the other hand, works in two ways, partly by solving ongoing scalp problems, and partly for continuous use for preventive purposes to avoid relapses of the problems.

Daxxin has no proven negative side effects.

Torr hårbotten med mjäll
Irritated scalp with dandruff problems

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